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Plinko, a thrilling casino game, draws its inspiration from the famed show "The Price Is Right." It involves players releasing a ball onto a peg-filled board, watching it bounce unpredictably before landing in one of the variously valued slots at the bottom, each offering different Plinko odds.

Many online casinos offer Plinko, allowing players to enjoy the game with real money or try it out for free. Below is a basic rundown of how to play the game:

  • Select Your Wager

    Before beginning each round, players decide on the amount they wish to wager.

  • Release the Ball

    Players then release the ball onto the pegged board. The board's design guides the ball towards various slots.

  • Receive Your Earnings

    The slot in which the ball lands determines the winnings or losses. Some slots offer larger payouts, while others might diminish your funds or leave them unchanged.

To visualize the game, consider the BGAMING Plinko board example, featuring 8 rows of pegs and set at the Minimum Risk Level:


Bet, $

Profit, $

X 0.5



X 1.0



X 1.1



X 2.1



X 5.6



Clearly, slots with higher payouts are less likely to be the ball's landing spot, enhancing the game's unpredictability and excitement. This element makes the game not only engaging but also holds the promise of significant winnings.

If you're on the hunt for a unique and exhilarating casino game, Plinko stands out as a must-try.

Risk Levels in Plinko

Plinko blends thrill with risk, offering a high RTP rate. Players can dive into the excitement of the game while standing a chance to secure substantial payouts. Nevertheless, grasping the associated risk levels is crucial. Plinko allows players to toggle between various risk levels, tailoring the game to their comfort.

Typically, Plinko versions encompass three risk levels:

  1. Low-Risk Level

    This level includes Plinko slots with smaller payouts but higher winning probabilities, presenting a more secure betting option, albeit with lesser winnings.

  2. Medium-Risk Level

    Medium-risk slots yield higher payouts compared to low-risk slots, albeit with a slightly diminished probability of winning.

  3. High-Risk Level

    The high-risk slots, while offering the most substantial potential payouts, come with the lowest winning chances. For instance, landing a Stake Plinko 1000x odds slot could win you $100,000, but the winning probability stands at a meager 0.0000152587890625.

It's crucial to recognize that risk levels resonate differently with each player's preferences and financial capacity. What might seem a low-risk wager for one could be a high-risk one for another. Always scrutinize the payout table and each slot's probability, aligning your choices with your risk tolerance.

In essence, Plinko caters to diverse players, offering varying risk levels from low to high, each with its corresponding payouts. The onus is on the player to strike a balance between risk and reward.

Number of Lines in Plinko

In Plinko, the pegged lines can range from a mere few to dozens, influencing the game's potential outcomes in several dimensions:

  • Chance of Landing on High-Paying Slots

    More pegged lines could diminish the likelihood of hitting high-paying slots as more alternatives for lower-paying or unprofitable areas emerge.

  • Potential Payouts

    The potential payouts can shift based on the number of pegged lines. Games with abundant lines could propose higher potential payouts owing to the increased possible outcomes. For instance, a 1000x Plinko slot could yield a $100,000 win.

  • Betting Options

    Certain Plinko games may diversify betting options depending on the number of pegged lines, allowing players to recalibrate their bet amounts accordingly.

Below is an illustration of how slots with odds alter in the BGAMING Plinko game at the Medium-Risk Level, contingent upon the chosen line with pegs.

Number of lines with pegs

Slots with losing odds

Slots with winning odds


x0.4, x0.7(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x13(2 times)


x0.5(2 times), x0.9(2 times)

x1.7(2 times), x4(2 times), x18(2 times)


x0.4, x0.6(2 times)

x1.4(2 times), x2(2 times), x5(2 times), x22(2 times)


x0.5(2 times), x0.7(2 times)

x1.8(2 times), x3(2 times), x6(2 times), x24(2 times)


x0.3, x0.6(2 times)

x1.1(2 times), x2(2 times), x4(2 times), x11(2 times), x33(2 times)


x0.4(2 times), x0.7(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x6(2 times), x13(2 times), x43(2 times)


x0.2, x0.5(2 times)

x1(2 times), x1.9(2 times), x4(2 times), x7(2 times), x15(2 times), x58(2 times)


x0.3(2 times), x0.5(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x5(2 times), x11(2 times), x18(2 times), x88(2 times)


x0.3, x0.5(2 times)

x1(2 times), x1.5(2 times), x3(2 times), x5(2 times), x10(2 times), x41(2 times), x110(2 times)

Hence, the quantity of lines with pegs in a Plinko online casino game can significantly influence the game’s outcomes, potential rewards, and betting alternatives. It’s crucial to meticulously examine the specific rules and gameplay mechanics of each Plinko variant before diving in to fully grasp the possible impact of the number of lines with pegs.

Which Strategy Triumphs?

In the world of Plinko, players continuously seek effective strategies for a victorious game. Below are some tactics that players might employ to augment their winning probabilities:

  1. Modulate Your Risk Level

    For novices, starting with the lowest risk level and a minimal number of lines with pegs is advisable. While this strategy may not be the most lucrative, it permits a gradual and steady advancement towards potential winnings.

  2. Amplify Your Bet Amount Gradually

    As confidence builds, amplify your bet amounts. This approach could markedly augment potential winnings, yet caution is paramount to avoid overshooting your gaming budget.

  3. Adopt a Progressive Betting System

    Employing a progressive betting system entails augmenting your bet after each win and decreasing it post each loss. While effective in the short term, remember, in the long haul, the casino always has an edge. This strategy can aid in maximizing winnings and minimizing losses over a short duration.

Ultimately, the paramount strategy is to engage responsibly and relish the game. Given that Plinko is fundamentally a game of chance, no strategy assures consistent winning. Embracing the game for enjoyment rather than merely aiming to win fosters a delightful and stress-free gaming experience.

Plinko Game Strategies: FAQ

How to Secure a Win in Plinko?

Winning in Plinko necessitates a blend of:

  • Your expertise;
  • Adequate free time;
  • A specified amount you're willing to risk;
  • A dash of luck.

Undoubtedly, choosing a trustworthy casino is also pivotal.

What's the Largest Plinko Win?

The maximum win hinges on the specific casino and Plinko variant. For instance, in BGAMING’s Plinko, with the maximum pegged lines and high risk, the win could skyrocket to x1,000, translating to $100,000 on a $100 bet.

Opt for More or Fewer Lines?

The decision rests solely on the player. Opting for additional pegged lines provides access to higher odds slots. However, it concurrently elevates the risk of landing on a losing slot. Players must make an informed choice regarding the number of lines and the appropriate game stage to make the switch.

Which Plinko Variant is Easiest to Win?

A multitude of Plinko variants is available, each with comparable mechanics and design. Renowned versions are from developers like Spribe, BGAMING, and Turbo Gaming. The choice of game, however, remains a personal decision for each player.

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